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Structural Analysis Drones in Panama


Structural Analysis Drones in Panama

Some of the benefits of utilizing Structural Analysis Drones in Panama are:

• Unique viewing angles not possible from manned aircraft.
• Highly deployable.
• Cost-efficiency.

Reconnaissance and mapping in Panama
Before disasters strike, Structural Analysis Drones in Panama can be used for risk management and prevention of potential losses, for example, by mapping certain terrain.

Structural integrity assessment in Panama

Drones function well in environments that are unsafe for humans. For example, they can move through extremely small spaces in unstable rubble piles to reach victims.

Structural Analysis Drones in Panama can assess damage to buildings and structures, such as Bridges, Dams, Eolic Mills, Channel Gates, that have been damaged and are unsafe for relief workers, engineers and claims adjusters.

Explosions and arson also cause damage to the structural integrity of buildings and infrastructure and unsafe conditions for first responders and investigators.

High-rise building fire response in Panama
As most people who live in Panama recognize, high-rise towers present unique challenges to firefighters. Many floors are too high for ground-based firefighting equipmentto reach. In some cases, occupants may be trapped on floors above the fire, which prevents firefighters from rescuing survivors and spraying retardant or water on the flames directly.

Drones equipped with cameras can give firefighters real-time visual data from the fire and use sensors to visualize temperature readouts coming from the fire, giving firefighters information about where the fire is burning most intensely.

Insurance claims response and risk assessment in Panama
Insurance companies could use drones to fly over an affected area after a disaster, assessing damage to insured property, developing situational awareness for deploying additional claims adjusters on the ground, and supporting the claims response process. Drones provide more options to review properties that otherwise would be inaccessible due to safety concerns.

Insurance companies, working with risk managers in all industries, can help with pre-disaster planning. Drone-based high-resolution maps of communities with insured properties would help identify at-risk areas—for example, properties located in flood-prone areas, According to the report, the information would help create the best disaster response protocols and pre-emergency plans.