Drone Types in Panama

 Drone Types in Panama

Drone Types in Panama

Group 1 – Under 20 pounds operating at altitudes under 1000 feet. Typically battery powered, can carry small payloads, short endurance time of between 20 minutes and 2 hours.

Group 2 – Weighs between 21 and 50 pounds and can operate up to 3500 feet. Gas or diesel operation with up to 24 hours endurance. Limited payload capacity, can carry high quality camera/communication systems.

Group 3 – Weighs up to 1320 pounds and can reach altitudes of 18,000 feet. Six to 10 hour endurance time. Greater payload carrying capability.

Group 4 – Weighs in at over 1320 pounds and may be optionally piloted. Autonomy kit on board. May be used in heavy lift operations.

Group 5 – Exceeds 1320 pounds, typically the same size as manned aircraft but without a pilot. Used quite mainly by the military.

Drones can carry cameras, communications, mapping sensors, sniffers, cargo holds, firefighting tools and can act as a cell phone/Wi-Fi tower as well as broadcast AM/FM radio signals.