Drone Specifications in Panama

Drone Specifications
  1. Size(L*W*H) 1350*1350*600mm
  2. Aircraft weight 15kg
  3. Maximum takeoff weight 29kg
  4. Aircraft pesticide load 10kg
  5. Propeller 23inch carbon fiber plant protection special propeller
  6. Spraying task system 1 sets of kit, dispersion spray system, booster pump
  7. Remote control 2.4G nine channel UAV self stabilization system Spraying system
  8. Diffuse atomization nozzle (a group of *6)
  9. Motor speed 1200rpm/min
  10. Aircraft endurance time 10~15 min
  11. Spraying height Field operation0.5-4meter
  12. Spraying area 6meter Control efficiency 1~3acre/minute
  13. Spray flow 0.25-0.75L/min(multi nozzle) adjustable
  14. Flying speed 0 -8m/sec(can be adjusted according to needed speed)
  15. Flying height 0~200meter
  16. Hover Arbitrary position direction air hover
  17. Flight attitude Flying in any direction, can be reversed to fly, emergency brake
  18. Takeoff / landing time ≤1 minute
  19. Body material Carbon fiber
  20. Temperature range -15℃~40℃
  21. Maximum efficiency 200-500acre/day